Mellow Mama Massage : Restful Relaxation & Relief for Expectant Mothers

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"Excellent experience with the Mellow Mama massage for expectant mothers. This was my first prenatal massage and I will definitely return for another before my baby's due date! The Therapist was fantastic as well. Additionally, I highly encourage moms-to-be to purchase the 'Lucky Legs' product used during the massage. After applying, legs feel so refreshed and soothed. Awesome product!"

-Guest Review from The Woodhouse Day Spa, Kingston, PA


Pregnancy is one of the greatest joys in life, but with the swelling, joint pain and overall body aches, it can also be a very stressful experience. To help alleviate many of the hardships that your body has to endure during pregnancy, a prenatal massage is a safe and effective method.


What is a Prenatal Massage?

A Prenatal Massage is a full body massage designed for women in their second and third trimester. The entire process is designed to promote overall wellness during pregnancy. During the 50 minute Mellow Mama Massage, every step is taken to ensure a positive, healthy experience for mother and baby. The Mellow Mama Massage has been customized to concentrate on specific problem areas commonly associated with pregnancy. With a prenatal massage, expectant Mothers can expect a full body rejuvenation that reduces a wide range of pregnancy related symptoms and discomfort.We use top of the line Mama Mio products and safe techniques by a highly trained Massage Therapist.

Some of the most common benefits that a prenatal massage can provide include:

-A significant reduction in swelling in the hands, feet and other joints.

-A reduction in joint and muscle aches and pains, even in the back.

-Hydrated skin and Mama Mio products help to prevent stretch marks.

-Increased state of relaxation that can promote healthier sleep.

-Stronger blood flow through the body, promoting circulatory health for mom and baby.

-Stress Relief.


If you are in your second or third trimester and are looking to relieve stress and some of the more unpleasant symptoms of pregnancy such as swelling, aches and muscle fatigue,

please call the Spa at (570)-763-0063 to schedule your Mellow Mama Massage today!

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