Stop and Smell the Lavender

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Lavender’s unmistakable, relaxing aroma makes it one of the most familiar herbal fragrances of all! The aroma of lavender essential oils is sweet, fruity-floral giving way to a body note that is sweet, refreshing and pleasant with a balsamic-woody undertone.
The mind-spirit aromatherapy benefits of lavender are vast and varied. It balances stagnant and hyper energies and emotions. Lavender soothes and nourishes the spirit; enhances the intuitive process; gently clarifies the mind; and helps to combat the blues.
The physical benefits that lavender has are cools sunburn and soothes dry skin, while helping to quiet over-active sebaceous glands that produce oily skin. This amazing plant can also be used for athlete’s foot, comforting the stomach, as a disinfectant, for headache and migraine relief, healing insect bites, an insect repellent, scenting linens, stiff joints and sore muscles and more!

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