The Bases for At Home Spa Recipes

| by Dr. Lynda Torrey, under Recipes


The Bases for Recipes

(All ingredients are available from your local natural foods market)


These are the ingredients that make the herbal preparations cohesive as well as therapeutic so everything blends well together.

Himalayan Salts

Use: Bath water or body exfoliation


  • Exfoliate the skin when used as a scrub
  • Hydrate the skin due to the high mineral content in the salts
  • Ideal for aching muscles
  • Excellent for irritated skin

Buttermilk Powder

Use:  Facial mask, thickener for use with exfoliating preparations


  • Contains naturally occurring lactic acid which helps with dead skin cell removal
  • Hydrating
  • Nourishing


Use:  Facial exfoliant/Body Scrub


  • Helps draw impurities from the body
  • Increases circulation
  • Great for use as a scrub for cellulite due to caffeic acid content
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